Chairperson's Message


    India today is plagued by inadequate infrastructure that struggles to keep up with an ever increasing population. Poor infrastructure eventually affects the well-being of a country, and is of utmost importance for the prosperity of India and its people. Gayatri Projects, by paving roads, generating electricity and constructing canals and dams is doing its part in making a modern India.

Being one of India’s fastest growing infrastructure companies, Gayatri Projects ensures that progress and profits do not come in the way of a strong system of values and ethics that it adheres to. Despite owning over a billion dollars of assets comprising multiple power plants and highways, we consider our biggest and most valuable assets to be our people. That’s why Gayatri is not a corporation or a conglomerate. It is a family.

The recent boom in infrastructure development and investment in India has seen a whole host of competitors enter the construction and power industry. But having been in the business for almost 50 years, we understand the importance of thinking for the long term to avoid succumbing to the many booms and busts that we have seen over the years.

Finally, we know that no business can survive for long if it does not create real value. Through our focus on quality and timely completion, the Gayatri family creates competitive advantage for India in every project that it undertakes. Thus, our motto “Building Competitive Advantage” summarizes our past 50 years in the industry and charts the path for a prosperous future.

Mrs. T Indira Reddy