Joint Ventures


IJM-Gayatri Joint Venture

IJM-Gayatri JV was formed on December 21, 1998 in the ratio of 60:40, for submitting the prequalification, tender and subsequent execution of various civil and / or structural works including Earth works, National and / or State Highways, Bridges, Dams, Reservoirs, Airports, Roads and Buildings within India.

Jaiprakash-Gayatri Joint Venture

Jaiprakash-Gayatri JV was formed on July 9, 2004 in the ratio of 60:40, for the purpose of participation in the pre-qualification bids as a joint venture and to participate subsequently in the tenders for the projects.

RNS-GPL Joint Venture

RNS-GPL Joint Venture was formed on May 7, 2005 in the ratio of 50:50, for tendering and execution of work consisting of construction and completion of widening and strengthening of roads from Ramanathapuram to Tuticorn with a total length of 118 kms of State Highways in Tamil Nadu.

Gayatri-ECI Joint Venture

Gayatri-ECI JV was formed on August 18, 2005 in the ratio of 75:25, for widening and strengthening of existing National Highway from 2-lane to 4-lane from Km 60.0 to km 30.00 of Bijni to WB Border Section of NH-31C in Assam.

GPL-Brahmaputra Consortium

GPL- Brahmaputra Consortium Ltd. JV was formed on November 8, 2005 in the ratio of 26:74, for execution of works like up-gradation, strengthening, operation and maintenance on BOT basis in the State of Punjab of Hoshairpur – Phagwara Road (35.50 km), Sirhind – Morinda – Ropar road (43.22km), Dakha – Raikot – Barnala road (57.94 km) and Bhawanigarh – Nabha – Gobindgarh (55.42 km).

Gayatri–GDC Joint Venture

Gayatri – GDC Joint Venture was formed on 17th September, 2006 in the ratio of 70 : 30, for execution of work of rehabilitation and upgrading of Kapsara (Km 38) to Hathidad (Km 62) and Rajkheta (Km 83) to Dhanwar (Km 110.6) and Ramanujganj (Km 0) to Wadrafnagar (Km 53.80) Section in Chhasttisgarh – Pacakage – 10A.

Gayatri- BCBPPL Joint Venture

Gayatri and B.C. Biyani Projects Private Limited entered a joint venture on 19th January 2008 for execution of work of Indira Sagar main canal from RD 130.935 Km to 155.00 Km including distribution work at Madhya Pradesh.

DLF- Gayatri Consortium

We have entered into an MOU with DLF Limited on 17th January, 2008. With DLF, the largest real estate developer in India, we will apply for all future road works as a consortium. DLF has been in the business of planned urban infrastructure development for the last six decades now. The joint venture with DLF will benefit the company in qualifying for the large scale works being announced by NHAI and to procuring more orders on combined strengths. It also improves prospects of bidding.

Maytas - Gayatri Joint Venture

Was formed on June 17, 2010 in the ratio of 62:38, for widening to 2 laning of Longleng-Changtongya Road, Mon Tamlu – Merankong Road, Phek –Pfutsero Road & Zunheboto- Chakabama Road in the State of Nagaland under Phase A of SARDP –NE /State Road /NG/PWD/2010-11/173.

Viswanath - Gayatri Joint Venture

Was formed on 26th August 2010 and was awarded the contract for design , Manufacture, Predispatch Inspection, testing and supply of material for construction of “ New 11KVA line ,LT Line on AB cable , 25KVA 11/0.4 KV Distribution X-mer Substation , Four pole Structure Additional KV Bay with VCB, Replacement of Bare LT line with AB cable , under Feeder Seperation Programme MPPKVVCL Indore First Phase Lot NO V and X on turnkey basis under O&M under division Barwani and Ratlam Districts

GPL-RKTCPL Joint Venture

Construction of Kudri Barrage project at Chattisgarh including vertical lift gates and detailed alignment of Barrage survey, drawing, design, planning, fixing principal levels of Barrage estimation of all companies of barrage preperation of land accqusition cases and submission to department for awards from revenue authority, shifting and reinstallation of HT & LT telephone and electric lines etc

Gayatri-SPL Joint Venture

Improvement and Augmentation of Thanjavur to Pudukottai section of NH-226 to 2-lane with paved shoulders from km 00.000 to km 55.228 (Existing Chainage from Km 00.000 to Km 56.460) (Total Design Length 55.228 km) under NHDP Phase IVan EPC mode