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Q2 FY-2022 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

Q2FY22 Investors Presentation

Q2 FY-22 Earnings call

Earnings Call Transcript 18-08-2021

Presentation of Q1 FY-22

Conference Call Intimation 17-08-2021

Q4 & FY-21 Earnings Concall Transcript 1506

Q4 & FY21 Invenstors Presentation

Concall Intimation 15-06-2021

Transcript For Q3FY21

Q3 Results Presentation

Earnings Conference call Intimation 05-02-2021

Q2FY21 Conference Call Transcript

Q2 Results Presentation

Analyst Investor Meet Intimation

Q4FY20 Earnings Call Transcript

Presentation on Q4 Financial Results 31-03-2020

Intimation of Conference call 06-07-2020

Concall Intimation 17-02-2020

Q3 Results Presentation

Investor Presentation on Q2 FY 2020 Results

Transcript of GPL Q1FY20

Q1FY20 Results Presentation

Concall intimation

Investors Meet Intimation

Analysts presentation on Q4 FY-19 Results

Q3 Results Presentation

Q3 Results Conference Call 18-02-2019

Q2FY19 Results Presentation

Intimation Of Analyst Meet

Q1FY19 Results Presentation

Concall Intimation dated 16-08-2018

Presentation on Q4 & FY-2018 Results

Revised Investor Presentation 10-04-2018

Investor Presentation

Investor Meet SE Intimation

Q3 & FY18 Results Presentation

Conference Call Intimation 08-02-2018

Gayatri Projects NDR Presentation

Analysts Meeting Announcement 11-01-2018

Analyst Investor Conference Call 20-11-2017

Q2 & FY18 Results Presentation

Q4 & FY17 Results Presentation & Investor Call

Intimation To Analysts Presentation 16-02-2017

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Q2 FY17 Presentation & Analyst Call 22-12-2016

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GPL Q2 & H1 Results Presentation