Key Management Mechanisms


Our Philosophy on Corporate Governance :

At GPL, we are proud to own an in-house state-of-the-art fleet of construction equipment. Some of them owned by us are:

  • GPL’s philosophy on corporate governance encompasses not only regulatory and legal requirements, but also several voluntary practices aimed at a high level of business ethics, effective supervision and enhancement of value for all stakeholders. Gayatri Projects Limited is committed to doing business in an efficient, responsible, honest and ethical manner.
  • Corporate governance practice goes beyond compliance and involves a company-wide commitment. This perspective has to become an integral part of business to ensure fairness, transparency and integrity of the management. Good corporate governance provides an appropriate framework for the Board, its committees and the executive management to carry out the purposes that are in the interest of the Company and the Stakeholders.

Independence of the Board:

Half of our Board composition is of independent Directors. The Board regularly evaluates the independence of directors and assesses the independence and impartiality of the members and members will notify the circumstances that may have an impact on the member’s ability to act without conflict of interest.