Outcome of BM 17-09-2022

AGM Notice 2022

Cessation of Chief Financial Officer from 31st August, 2022

Outcome of BM 10-08-2022

IEPF Notice SE intimation 03-08-2022

Board Meeting Intimation 03-08-2022

Closure of trading window

Financial Results 31-03-2022

Board Meeting Intimation 30-05-2022

Postal Ballot Result on 12-05-2022

Newspaper Advertisement With Regard to Corrigendum of Notice of the Postal Ballot

Corrigendum to the Postal Ballot Notice on 25-04-2022

Newspaper Advertisement With Regard to Notice of the Postal Ballot And E-Voting

Postal Ballot Notice on 11-04-2022

Closure of Trading window 31-03-2022

Change in Name of KFintech

Outcome of BM 15-03-2022

Financial Results 31-12-2021

Board Meeting Intimation 07-02-2022

Closure of trading window 31-12-2021

Initiation of Forensic Audit

Abandoned of Prefissue 14-12-2021

Q2 FY-2022 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

Q2FY22 Investors Presentation

Q2 FY-22 Earnings call

BM OUTCOME 13-11-2021

BM INTIMATION 06-11-2021

Resignation of N. Ramadevi w.e.f 04-10-2021

SEBI ltr3009

Default 30.09.2021

Closure of Trading window 30-09-2021



Intimation of Receipt of Arbitral Award

Dissemination of information under Regulation 30 of the SEBI (LODR) Regulation 2015

News Paper Publication of AGM Notice

AGM Book Closure

Annual Report to SE

AGM Notice 2021

Clarification on Price Movement 01-09-2021

EGM Outcome 28-08-2021

Addendum to the EGM Notice 24-08-2021

Earnings Call Transcript 18-08-2021

Presentation of Q1 FY-22

Conference Call Intimation 17-08-2021

BM Outcome 13-08-2021

BM Intimation 07-08-2021

Defìnitive Agreement Intimation to SE

EGM Notice to SE 0608

BM Outcome 05-08-2021

BM Intimation for Fund Raising

SE Intimation 24-07-2021

NPA Announcement 01-07-2021

Closure of Trading Window

Q4 & FY-21 Earnings Concall Transcript 1506

Q4 & FY21 Invenstors Presentation

BM Outcome 14-06-2021

Concall Intimation 15-06-2021

NHAI Clarification 11-06-2021

BM Intimation 07-06-2021

Closure of Trading Window

Revision in Credit Rating 27.02.2021

Letter of Award Rs. 1323.52 Crs

Transcript For Q3FY21

Q3 Results Presentation

Earnings Conference call Intimation 05-02-2021

BM Outcome 05-02-2020

BM Intimation 29-01-2021

Intimation of LOAs of Rs.1748 Crs

Revision in Credit Ratings

Intimation of L1 Bidder Rs.1323.52 Crs

Closure of Trading window

Receipt of Arbitration Award of Rs.69.41 Crs

Intimation of LOA of Rs.1332 Crs

Letter of Award 28-11-2020

Intimation of Arbitral Award Rs.208 Crs

Q2FY21 Conference Call Transcript

Q2 Results Presentation

Analyst Investor Meet Intimation

BM Outcome 05-11-2020

Cessation of Nominee Director w.e.f 01.11.2020

BM Intimation 29-10-2020


Closure of Trading window 30-09-2020

Proceedings of 31st AGM

Letter of Award 24092020

Letter of Award for Mining Project

L1 Order Intimation

Selected Bidder Intimation 10-09-2020

Newspaper Advertisement 06-09-2020

AGM Notice 2020

Intimation of date of AGM

Earnings Call Transcript

Investor Presentaion on Q1 Results 2021

Earnings Conference call Intimation

Outcome of Board Meeting 27-08-2020

BM Intimation 20-08-2020

Q4FY20 Earnings Call Transcript

Presentation on Q4 Financial Results 31-03-2020

Intimation of Conference call 06-07-2020

Trading window 30-06-2020

Outcome of Board Meeting 30-06-2020

BM Intimation 23-06-2020

Receipt of Order

Intimation of L1 order

Cessation of Nominee Director 18-05-2020

Resumption of Operations at Project Sites 21-04-2020

Temporary suspension of operations due to Covid-19 Pandemic 30-03-2020

Debt Resolution Plan and Signing of Inter-Credtor Agreeent 24-03-2020

Closure of Trading Window 23-03-2020

Receipt of Claim Intimation 06-03-2020

Loan Default Disclsoure 02-03-2020

3QFY20 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

Loan default Intimation 19-02-2020

Concall Intimation 17-02-2020

Q3 Results Presentation

Loan default Intimation 14-02-2020

BM Outcome 14-02-2020

BM Intimation 05-02-2020

Loan Default Disclosure 31-01-2020

Loan Default Disclosure 14-01-2020

Update On Debt Position

Quarterly Disclosure of defaults on payment

Appointment of Directors & CS

Completion of SEIL Transaction Intimation 02-01-2020

Closure of Trading window 30-12-2019

Clarification on price movement 18-12-2019

Resignation of Director 16-12-2019

Related Party Transactions 30-09-2019

EGM Outcome 10-12-2019

SE Intimation 07-12-19

Note on shares sale 04-12-19

Resignation of Director 04-12-19

Clarification on Price Movement 25-11-2019

Investor Presentation on Q2 FY 2020 Results

EGM Notice Paper add 17-11-2019

Credit rating Intimation 18-11-2019

EGM Notice

BM Outcome 16-11-2019

Resignation of Independent Director 15-11-2019

Sale of Shares SE Intimation 15-11-2019

BM Intimation EGM 15-11-2019

BM Outcome 14-11-2019

BM Intimation 06-11-2019

Change in Director

Voting Results 30-09-2019

AGM Outcome 30-09-2019

Trading Window 30-09-2019

AGM Notice 2018-19

Annual Report 2018-19

Transcript of GPL Q1FY20

Q1FY20 Results Presentation

Concall intimation

Board Meeting Outcome 14-08-2019

Arbitration Award

Intimation of Board Meeting 07-08-2019

Board Meeting Outcome 06-08-2019

Closure of Trading Window 28-06-2019

Related Party Transactions for the FY 31-03-2019

Investors Meet Intimation

Analysts presentation on Q4 FY-19 Results

Board Meeting Outcome 30-05-2019

Intimation of Director Resignation

Board Meeting Intimation 22-05-2019

Intimation of Director Resignation

Closure of Trading Window 03-04-2019

Board Meeting Outcome 29-03-2019

Q3 Results Presentation

Q3 Results Conference Call 18-02-2019

Outcome of Board Meeting 14-02-2019

Intimation of Board Meeting 05-02-2019

Closure Of Trading Window 05-02-2019

Non Deal Roadshow-Revised Corporate Presentation

Announcement 22-01-2019

New Order Announcement 14-12-2018

Announcement 30-11-2018

Outcome of Analyst Meet 21-11-2018

L1 Announcement 20-11-2018

Q2FY19 Results Presentation

Intimation Of Analyst Meet

Outcome of Board Meeting 14-11-2018

GPL Board Meeting Intimation 05-11-2018

Closure Of Trading Window 05-11-2018

Award Received Intimation 02-11-2018

New Order Intimation 22-10-2018

Announcement 03-10-2018

Announcement 01-10-2018

29th AGM Voting Results

29th AGM Proceedings

L1 Bidder Announcement for Bihar Road Projects

Corrigendum to AGM Notice

SE Intimation newspaper add

GPL-CNBC Clarification Announcement 24-08-2018

Q1FY19 Results Presentation

Concall Intimation dated 16-08-2018

Outcome of Board Meeting 14-08-2018

Trading window 06-08-2018.pdf

Intimation of Board Meeting 06-08-2018

L1 Announcement_30-07-2018

Stock Exchanges Announcement 24-07-2018

New orders Intimation 20-07-2018

Stock Exchanges Intimation 17-07-2018

L1 Announcement 09-07-2018

Highways Listing Intimation 27-06-2018

SE Intimation 20-06-2018

Credit Rating Intimation 18-06-2018

Intimation for Investors Meet updates 06-06-2018

Intimation for Investors Meet 04-06-2018

L1- Announcement 01-06-2018

Presentation on Q4 & FY-2018 Results

Outcome of Board Meeting 30-05-2018

New Work Order on 24-05-2018

Intimation of Board Meeting 23-05-2018

Closure Of Trading window 23-05-2018

Revised Investor Presentation 10-04-2018

Investor Presentation

Investor Meet SE Intimation

Aarbitration Award SE Intimation

Debt Repayment Announcement 28-03-2018

Credit Rating Intimation 17-03-2018

GPL Outcome Of Committee 14-03-2018

GPL Outcome to SE 12-03-2018

Outcome of Issue & Allotment Commitee 07-03-2018

Priorintimation of Issue & Allot Committee

Reorgnaisation Of Energy Businesses Announcement 19-02-2018

Q3 & FY18 Results Presentation

Cost Of Acquisition SE Intimation 12-02-2018

Conference Call Intimation 08-02-2018

Outcome of Board Meeting 07-02-2018

Gayatri Highways Allotment Announcement

Trading Window 31-01-2018

Intimation of Board Meeting 31-01-2018

Credit Rating Intimation 18-01-2018

Record Date for Scheme of Arrangement

New Work Order on 17-01-2018

Gayatri Projects NDR Presentation

Analysts Meeting Announcement 11-01-2018

New Work Order on 01-01-2018

New Work Order on 21-12-2017

Intimation of AGM Notice 09-12-2017

Outcome of Board Meeting 06-12-2017

Intimation of Board Meeting 01-12-2017

Effective Date Of The Scheme

Earnings Call Transcript

Analyst Investor Conference Call 20-11-2017

Q2 & FY18 Results Presentation

Outcome of Board Meeting 14-11-2017

Board Meeting Intimation 08-11-2017

Closure of Trading Window

NCLT Order Intimation 07-11-2017

Order passed by NCLAT,New Delhi,Setting aside the order passed by NCLT,Hyderabad Bench

Intimation Under Regulation 30 Of SEBI

NCLAT Stay Order

NCLT Order

New Work Order on 25-09-2017

AGM Extension Intimation 30-08-2017

Outcome of Board Meeting 14-08-2017

Board Meeting Intimation 08-08-2017

Q4 & FY17 Results Presentation & Investor Call

Outcome of Board Meeting 29-05-2017

Announcement 29-05-2017

Board Meeting Intimation 22-05-2017

Credit Rating Intimation 03-04-2017

New Work Order on 01-03-2017

Announcement 23-02-2017

Intimation To Analysts Presentation 16-02-2017

Investor Conference Call Intimation 15-02-2017

Outcome of Board Meeting 14-02-2017

Completion of Slumpsale Intimation 08-02-2017

Board Meeting Intimation 06-02-2017

Record Date Intimation For Stock Split 01-02-2017

Voting Results of CCM 24-01-2017

Outcome of Court Convened Meeting 23-01-2017

Court Convened Meeting Updates 19-01-2017

Tardemark Announcement

Notice For Secured And Unsecured Creditors

Outcome of Board Meeting 26-12-2016

Announcement 23-12-2016

Q2 FY17 Presentation & Analyst Call 22-12-2016

Board Meeting Intimation 17-12-2016

Outcome of Board Meeting 09-12-2016

Board Meeting Intimation 03.12.2016

Announcement 16-11-2016

Letter to Exchange 05-11-2016

Board Meeting Postponed Intimation 05.10.2016

Board Meeting Intimation 04.10.2016

New Work Order on 03-10-2016

New Work Order on 23-09-2016

Q1 FY17 Presentation & Analyst call 07-09-2016

Outcome of Board Meeting 26-08-2016

Board Meeting Intimation 19-08-2016

Impact Of Audit Qualification 01-08-2016

Outcome of Board Meeting 16-07-2016

New Work Order on 30-06-2016

New Work Order on 20-06-2016

GPL Q4 & FY-16 Results Presenation

Announcement 09-06-2016

Announcement 31-05-2016

Outcome of Board Meeting 30-05-2016

Outcome Of Board Meeting 14-05-2016

Credit Rating Announcement 09-05-2016

Outcome Of Board Meeting 14-04-2016

New Work Order on 11-04-2016

Announcement 02.03.2016

Announcement 26.02.2016

Outcome of Board Meeting 13-02-2016

GPL Q3 & 9M FY-16 Results Presenation

Board Meeting Intimation 05-02-2016

Announcement 25.01.2016

Announcement 20-01-2016

Announcement 11-01-2016

New Order 16-12-2015

Disclosure Reg 30(5)

Press Release on NCDs Redemption 03-12-2015

NCDs Redemption 01-12-2015

Outcome of Board Meeting

NCD Intimation to BSE

GPL Q2 & H1 Results Presentation

Advertisement of AGM and Book Clousures

New Work Orders on 26-08-2015

New Work Order on 14-08-2015

GPL SE Intimation on 11-08-2015

Corporate Announcement 26-03-2015

Corporate Announcement 20-03-2015

Corporate Announcement on 02-03-2015

Corporate Announcement on 23-01-2015

Corporate Announcement on 12-09-2014

Corporate Announcement on 26-07-2014

Corporate Announcement on 17-07-2014