AGM Notice 2018-19

Annual Report 2018-19

Transcript of GPL Q1FY20

Q1FY20 Results Presentation

Concall intimation

Board Meeting Outcome 14-08-2019

Arbitration Award

Intimation of Board Meeting 07-08-2019

Board Meeting Outcome 06-08-2019

Closure of Trading Window 28-06-2019

Related Party Transactions for the FY 31-03-2019

Investors Meet Intimation

Analysts presentation on Q4 FY-19 Results

Board Meeting Outcome 30-05-2019

Intimation of Director Resignation

Board Meeting Intimation 22-05-2019

Intimation of Director Resignation

Closure of Trading Window 03-04-2019

Board Meeting Outcome 29-03-2019

Q3 Results Presentation

Q3 Results Conference Call 18-02-2019

Outcome of Board Meeting 14-02-2019

Intimation of Board Meeting 05-02-2019

Closure Of Trading Window 05-02-2019

Non Deal Roadshow-Revised Corporate Presentation

Announcement 22-01-2019

New Order Announcement 14-12-2018

Announcement 30-11-2018

Outcome of Analyst Meet 21-11-2018

L1 Announcement 20-11-2018

Q2FY19 Results Presentation

Intimation Of Analyst Meet

Outcome of Board Meeting 14-11-2018

GPL Board Meeting Intimation 05-11-2018

Closure Of Trading Window 05-11-2018

Award Received Intimation 02-11-2018

New Order Intimation 22-10-2018

Announcement 03-10-2018

Announcement 01-10-2018

29th AGM Voting Results

29th AGM Proceedings

L1 Bidder Announcement for Bihar Road Projects

Corrigendum to AGM Notice

SE Intimation newspaper add

GPL-CNBC Clarification Announcement 24-08-2018

Q1FY19 Results Presentation

Concall Intimation dated 16-08-2018

Outcome of Board Meeting 14-08-2018

Trading window 06-08-2018.pdf

Intimation of Board Meeting 06-08-2018

L1 Announcement_30-07-2018

Stock Exchanges Announcement 24-07-2018

New orders Intimation 20-07-2018

Stock Exchanges Intimation 17-07-2018

L1 Announcement 09-07-2018

Highways Listing Intimation 27-06-2018

SE Intimation 20-06-2018

Credit Rating Intimation 18-06-2018

Intimation for Investors Meet updates 06-06-2018

Intimation for Investors Meet 04-06-2018

L1- Announcement 01-06-2018

Presentation on Q4 & FY-2018 Results

Outcome of Board Meeting 30-05-2018

New Work Order on 24-05-2018

Intimation of Board Meeting 23-05-2018

Closure Of Trading window 23-05-2018

Revised Investor Presentation 10-04-2018

Investor Presentation

Investor Meet SE Intimation

Aarbitration Award SE Intimation

Debt Repayment Announcement 28-03-2018

Credit Rating Intimation 17-03-2018

GPL Outcome Of Committee 14-03-2018

GPL Outcome to SE 12-03-2018

Outcome of Issue & Allotment Commitee 07-03-2018

Priorintimation of Issue & Allot Committee

Reorgnaisation Of Energy Businesses Announcement 19-02-2018

Q3 & FY18 Results Presentation

Cost Of Acquisition SE Intimation 12-02-2018

Conference Call Intimation 08-02-2018

Outcome of Board Meeting 07-02-2018

Gayatri Highways Allotment Announcement

Trading Window 31-01-2018

Intimation of Board Meeting 31-01-2018

Credit Rating Intimation 18-01-2018

Record Date for Scheme of Arrangement

New Work Order on 17-01-2018

Gayatri Projects NDR Presentation

Analysts Meeting Announcement 11-01-2018

New Work Order on 01-01-2018

New Work Order on 21-12-2017

Intimation of AGM Notice 09-12-2017

Outcome of Board Meeting 06-12-2017

Intimation of Board Meeting 01-12-2017

Effective Date Of The Scheme

Earnings Call Transcript

Analyst Investor Conference Call 20-11-2017

Q2 & FY18 Results Presentation

Outcome of Board Meeting 14-11-2017

Board Meeting Intimation 08-11-2017

Closure of Trading Window

NCLT Order Intimation 07-11-2017

Order passed by NCLAT,New Delhi,Setting aside the order passed by NCLT,Hyderabad Bench

Intimation Under Regulation 30 Of SEBI

NCLAT Stay Order

NCLT Order

New Work Order on 25-09-2017

AGM Extension Intimation 30-08-2017

Outcome of Board Meeting 14-08-2017

Board Meeting Intimation 08-08-2017

Q4 & FY17 Results Presentation & Investor Call

Outcome of Board Meeting 29-05-2017

Announcement 29-05-2017

Board Meeting Intimation 22-05-2017

Credit Rating Intimation 03-04-2017

New Work Order on 01-03-2017

Announcement 23-02-2017

Intimation To Analysts Presentation 16-02-2017

Investor Conference Call Intimation 15-02-2017

Outcome of Board Meeting 14-02-2017

Completion of Slumpsale Intimation 08-02-2017

Board Meeting Intimation 06-02-2017

Record Date Intimation For Stock Split 01-02-2017

Voting Results of CCM 24-01-2017

Outcome of Court Convened Meeting 23-01-2017

Court Convened Meeting Updates 19-01-2017

Tardemark Announcement

Notice For Secured And Unsecured Creditors

Outcome of Board Meeting 26-12-2016

Announcement 23-12-2016

Q2 FY17 Presentation & Analyst Call 22-12-2016

Board Meeting Intimation 17-12-2016

Outcome of Board Meeting 09-12-2016

Board Meeting Intimation 03.12.2016

Announcement 16-11-2016

Letter to Exchange 05-11-2016

Board Meeting Postponed Intimation 05.10.2016

Board Meeting Intimation 04.10.2016

New Work Order on 03-10-2016

New Work Order on 23-09-2016

Q1 FY17 Presentation & Analyst call 07-09-2016

Outcome of Board Meeting 26-08-2016

Board Meeting Intimation 19-08-2016

Impact Of Audit Qualification 01-08-2016

Outcome of Board Meeting 16-07-2016

New Work Order on 30-06-2016

New Work Order on 20-06-2016

GPL Q4 & FY-16 Results Presenation

Announcement 09-06-2016

Announcement 31-05-2016

Outcome of Board Meeting 30-05-2016

Outcome Of Board Meeting 14-05-2016

Credit Rating Announcement 09-05-2016

Outcome Of Board Meeting 14-04-2016

New Work Order on 11-04-2016

Announcement 02.03.2016

Announcement 26.02.2016

Outcome of Board Meeting 13-02-2016

GPL Q3 & 9M FY-16 Results Presenation

Board Meeting Intimation 05-02-2016

Announcement 25.01.2016

Announcement 20-01-2016

Announcement 11-01-2016

New Order 16-12-2015

Disclosure Reg 30(5)

Press Release on NCDs Redemption 03-12-2015

NCDs Redemption 01-12-2015

Outcome of Board Meeting

NCD Intimation to BSE

GPL Q2 & H1 Results Presentation

Advertisement of AGM and Book Clousures

New Work Orders on 26-08-2015

New Work Order on 14-08-2015

GPL SE Intimation on 11-08-2015

Corporate Announcement 26-03-2015

Corporate Announcement 20-03-2015

Corporate Announcement on 02-03-2015

Corporate Announcement on 23-01-2015

Corporate Announcement on 12-09-2014

Corporate Announcement on 26-07-2014

Corporate Announcement on 17-07-2014