Expertise that comes with experience

Construction industry has been given immense importance in the recent years by our Government, largely to make up for the deficit. But the industry, per se, is very broad. Which is why, we have realized the need to carve out a niche for ourselves, to develop real depth of expertise.

Over the last 17 years, at Gayatri Projects Ltd, we have executed several projects, spread across various sectors of infrastructure development like highways, irrigation projects, mass excavation, ports, airports and industrial civil works. Such diversification enables us to reduce dependence on any one sector or nature of the project.

Through effective bidding, manpower management and top level supervision, our strategic objective is to improve and consolidate our position as a leading construction company. For which we:

  • Harness our experience in Road Projects
  • Focus on Irrigation Projects
  • Expand into Industrial Projects

Harness our experience in Road Projects

With over 17 years of experience in road construction, we will continue to bid for these projects, leveraging on and expanding our operations in pre-qualification. Thereby making inroads into more States and regions and more complex projects. We have setup a base of operations, capitalizing on our local experience, established contracts with local clients and suppliers, and familiarity with local working conditions. In pursuing our strategies, we seek to identify markets where we believe we can provide cost and operational advantages to our clients. In order to expand our operations we also identify and associate with Joint Venture partners whose resources, capabilities and strategies are complementary to and likely to increase our business operations.

Focus on Irrigation Projects

Irrigation is one of the main focus areas of various State Governments. We intend to utilize our experience in irrigation projects and our large equipment base to capitalize on this ever-increasing demand. We plan to extend our operations to other States such as Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharastra. For which we have tied-up with Jaiprakash Associates Limited to bid for more

Expand into Industrial Projects

We have adequate knowledge and experience in handling various industrial projects. We have executed various site preparation and grading projects, construction of roads, drains, ponds, reservoirs and industrial structures for reputed companies like NFCL, Reliance Petroleum, Jindal Vijzayanagar Steel, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, HPCL, etc. We have also executed specialized works for Indian Railways, Ports and Airport Authority. We have executed Construction of Railway line in 3 sections i.e. KR-51, KR-55 & KR-57 for Koraput-Rayagada Lane, Construction of approach Berths and Back-up area at Kakinada Port for Kakinada Sea Ports Ltd., Andhra Pradesh. We have executed extension and strengthening of Runway at 28th end of Calicut Airport, Calicut. We intend to expand our existing execution capabilities in industrial construction projects. For which, we have established a separate division for EPC works headed by a senior executive.