Disclosure Under Regulation 30


Admission of section 7 Application under IBC by NCLT

Intiation of CIRP 09-11-2022

Exchange Clarification 30-09-2022

Intiation of CIRP 30-09-2022

Cessation of Chief Financial Officer from 31st August, 2022

Change in Name of KFintech

Initiation of Forensic Audit

Abandoned of Prefissue 14-12-2021

Resignation of N. Ramadevi w.e.f 04-10-2021

SEBI ltr3009

Intimation of Receipt of Arbitral Award

Dissemination of information under Regulation 30 of the SEBI (LODR) Regulation 2015

Defìnitive Agreement Intimation to SE

NPA Announcement 01-07-2021

NHAI Clarification 11-06-2021

Letter of Award Rs. 1323.52 Crs

Intimation of LOAs of Rs.1748 Crs

Receipt of Arbitration Award of Rs.69.41 Crs

Intimation of LOA of Rs.1332 Crs

Letter of Award 28-11-2020

Intimation of Arbitral Award Rs.208 Crs

Cessation of Nominee Director w.e.f 01.11.2020

Letter of Award 24092020

Letter of Award for Mining Project

L1 Order Intimation

Selected Bidder Intimation 10-09-2020

Receipt of Order

Intimation of L1 order

Resumption of Operations at Project Sites 21-04-2020

Temporary suspension of operations due to Covid-19 Pandemic 30-03-2020

Debt Resolution Plan and Signing of Inter-Credtor Agreeent 24-03-2020

Receipt of Claim Intimation 06-03-2020

Update On Debt Position

Completion of SEIL Transaction Intimation 02-01-2020

Note on shares sale 04-12-19

Change in Director

Arbitration Award

Intimation of Director Resignation

Intimation of Director Resignation

New Order Announcement 14-12-2018

Announcement 30-11-2018

L1 Announcement 20-11-2018

Award Received Intimation 02-11-2018

New Order Intimation 22-10-2018

L1 Bidder Announcement for Bihar Road Projects

GPL-CNBC Clarification Announcement 24-08-2018

L1 Announcement_30-07-2018

New orders Intimation 20-07-2018

L1 Announcement 09-07-2018

L1- Announcement 01-06-2018

New Work Order on 24-05-2018

Aarbitration Award SE Intimation

Debt Repayment Announcement 28-03-2018

Reorgnaisation Of Energy Businesses Announcement 19-02-2018

New Work Order on 01-01-2018

New Work Order on 21-12-2017

Effective Date Of The Scheme

NCLT Order Intimation 07-11-2017

Order passed by NCLAT,New Delhi,Setting aside the order passed by NCLT,Hyderabad Bench

Intimation Under Regulation 30 Of SEBI

NCLAT Stay Order

NCLT Order

New Work Order on 25-09-2017

Announcement 29-05-2017

New Work Order on 01-03-2017

Announcement 23-02-2017

Completion of Slumpsale Intimation 08-02-2017

Tardemark Announcement

Announcement 16-11-2016

New Work Order on 03-10-2016

New Work Order on 23-09-2016

New Work Order on 30-06-2016

New Work Order on 20-06-2016

New Work Order on 11-04-2016

New Order 16-12-2015

Disclosure Reg 30(5)

Press Release on NCDs Redemption 03-12-2015

NCDs Redemption 01-12-2015

New Work Orders on 26-08-2015

New Work Order on 14-08-2015