Board of Directors


Smt. T. Indira Reddy, aged 67 years, is a Promoter and Non-Executive Chairperson of our Company. T.Indira Reddy has over 27 years of experience in the construction industry and has been a director in our Company since March 8, 1996. The total remuneration paid to her in Fiscal 2018 was 0.15 Million.

Mr. T. V. Sandeep Kumar Reddy, aged 52 years, is a Promoter and also, the Managing Director of our Company. He has been associated with our Company since its incorporation in the year 1989. T. V. Sandeep Kumar Reddy has over 27 years of experience in the Construction Industry. He holds a Masters Degree in Construction Engineering and Management from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, USA and also holds a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University. T. V. Sandeep Kumar Reddy is responsible for overseeing the day to day affairs of our Company. The total remuneration paid to him in Fiscal 2018 was 40.80 Million.

Mr. J. Brij Mohan Reddy, aged 77 years, is our Company’s executive vice chairman, is a Post-Graduate in Engineering from the University of California, Berkley, United States. J. Brij Mohan Reddy has over 51 years of experience in the Heavy Engineering Construction and the harbour engineering industries. He has been associated with our Company since 1989 and has been a whole - time director in our Company since March 30, 1994. The total remuneration paid to him in Fiscal 2018 was 13.20 Million.

Sri. Ch. Hari Vithal Rao, aged 79 years, is our Company’s Non-Executive and Independent Director is a CAIIB from Indian Institute of Bankers, and holds a Bachelors Degree in Arts from Andhra University. Ch. Hari Vithal Rao has over 50 years of experience as a banker and was employed with Bank of Baroda and Naandi Foundation in the past. He has been associated with our Company since November 04, 2005. The total remuneration paid to him in Fiscal 2018 was 0.225 Million.

Mr. Birendra Kumar , aged 58 years, is our Company’s Non-Executive and Nominee Director (Bank of Baroda). He is also a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB).He is the General Manager and currently heads Bengaluru zone, Bank of Baroda. He also holds the Director Position in Bank of Baroda UP Gramin Bank. He has been appointed as a Director (as a Nominee of Bank of Baroda) on 07.02.2018.

Dr K.V. Ramana Chary, (IAS) Retd, started his career as lecturer in Chemistry at Osmania University. He joined as Probationary Dy. Collector in 1977 and Worked as District Collector, Kadapa during the year 1993-94 and held various positions in the state of United Andhra Pradesh such as worked in Quli Qutub Shah Urban Development Authority, Hyderabad as Administrator for 9 years. He has been P.R.O to Chief Ministers in the state of united Andhra Pradesh. He has also served as Commissioner, Information & Public Relation Dept. & Ex-Officio Secretary to Govt. in the years 1995, 1999 & 2004 during the regime of various Chief Ministers. He retired as Prl. Secretary to Government, Revenue (Endowments) Department in the year 2011. He served as Advisor, Department of Culture during 2012-13. He is renowned for his administration skills and humble nature. Presently, he is on advisory capacity to the Government of Telangana.

Mr.Sreeramakrishna Grandhi, has 37 years of experience in leadership role at State Bank of India and retired as Chief General Manager. He has been on the boards of prestigious Government of India and Public Limited Companies including in Audit Committees. At SBI, he handled diverse roles but predominantly focused on credit and handled portfolio of over ₹4,000 crores with zero NPA status during his tenure. Besides handling roles in improving Bank’s customer relationship, he was a problem solver and decision maker roles in the bank’s Human Resources Management and giving clear oversight and direction in expansion of business. Possess distinct ability to direct and manage crucial financial roles with focus on diagnosing and solving complex problems. Held several key assignments in banking for 37 years at one of the best banks in the world and have exposure to diverse industries from MSME to Very Large Corporates. He has been both a coach and mentor to promoters, in planning, execution of financial decisions and in some cases in retrieval from financial unplanned situations.

Smt. Rama Devi Nanduri, has more than 40 years of experience as banker, joined SBI in 1974 as a probation officer after majoring in physics from Osmania University. She has held several posts across several aspects of banking including retail and corporate credit, international business, inspection and audit, etc. Her 4 decade long career in the Bank culminated in a stint in The State Bank Staff College which is an apex training institution set up for imparting leadership and credit skills to mostly middle and senior level managers of the Bank and several other public and private sector banks as well as some international banks. She was also a member of committees involved in change management in the areas of corporate and agricultural credit.